Dear Sir and Colleague

On behalf of the Military Academy Association - European Representation I want to thank your mail and contents.
Your participation on The International Board of Advisers will be an honor for this Representation (founded in 2005) and for the A.D.E.S.G. main Directors Board in Brazil. 
Myself having experience leading in the past the Portuguese National Defense Auditors and having  N.A.T.O. credentials http://www.idn.gov.pt/cdn_audit_1990.htm and being responsible for the implementation in the Northern Portugal of the A.A.C.D.N. http://www.aacdn.pt/delegacoes.php  I believe that I deserve your confidence and trust on this very new project, which I am responsible.

We are establishing an international link between Portuguese speaking Countries - Angola - Mozambique - Portugal - Brazil - Macau - Cabo Verde - Guine and Timor including the E.U. Portugal being one of the founding State member we are aware of the European contribution on Portuguese speaking Countries around the world.
Our mission is far much more than the National one in Brazil because we have to interact with different cultures and interests. However, there are many common subjects in which we can produce not only useful work but also get acquainted with new partners.
The major formation of our members and partners are legal and enforcement and military. Most of the readers of Our portal   http://adesgportal.blogspot.com/  are Researchers, Academics, Police and military professionals, Attorneys, Judges and also civil members.
We expect that Adviser members can have two way to participate within the institution:

-  As observers but with the power to recommend improve the organization prestige or/and,

-   Participating in the activities, being speaker in conferences, teacher in our formation courses, writing for our blogs or our future paper, being consultant when some of the Countries request or simply attending our social events.

We also expect from an Adviser the recommendations for getting more people involved in future activities and expanding our contacts through the world. There are worldwide and Nationals organizations that can be associated having us as a link as we cover a wide area of professions and subjects, and we are geographically around the globe.  

Our activities are programmed in a slow and carefully approach as our concern is quality.

We start by having (individual) members - Delegates around the globe -:
- Milan Pagon http://www.fpvv.uni-mb.si/pagon/
- Kremer Ferenc  http://no.comunidades.net/kremerferenc/index.php
- Ruben Cabral http://www.iium.edu.mo/
- Luís Magaço Jr. http://www.austral.co.mz/
- Artur Victoria http://www.no.comunidades.net/av/

We are publishing  monthly blogs in our portal and preparing the next step - long distance teaching.

Our first course will start in October - see attached file
We are preparing short Courses in these areas:
-  (preventing) Terrorism and organized crime;
- Oil alternative energies and environmental protection (economics and ambient crime);
- Public Health - new public administration reforms (corruption and integrity)

We are a non profit organization and funding is done in two ways:
- Sponsoring by companies - like the short courses or seminars;
-  E.U. and Foundations sponsored projects (at the moment we are presenting two projects to the European U. - long distance teaching - and to the Fundação Luso Americana - F.L.A.D.

Next year Our Representation will become a Foundation- Fundação Portugal Brazil. This will enable easier support and funding.
Also we will look for joint projects in the African Countries where we are starting some implementation.
At the moment we are working together with TIRI- PIEN-L in academic projects. http://tiriweb.tiri.org/

I hope that with this information will help you to accept the challenge.
In a very near future we will have a video conference schedule that will allow knowing each other better.

Looking forward to your response,

Warm regards    Artur Victoria    A.D.E.S.G. - Europe

  I N V I T A T I O N






International Seminar





Human behavior is the collection of activities performed by human beings and influenced by culture, attitudes, emotions, values, ethics, authority, rapport, hypnosis, persuasion, and/or coercion.




Socially relevant change occurs in the balance of interests, capabilities, and credibility’s underlying the structure of expectations. As change progresses, the structure becomes more incongruent and the probability of disruption and consequent conflict increases. Thus, in all the structure of expectations across societies we should find an over-all rapidity of social change correlated positively with conflict manifestations.


Modular structure of the seminar



a) In Education – bullying


b) In Economy – Illegal Business Practices


c) In Security –  Crime – Terrorism - Bribe – Fraud e Corruption


d) In Development and Welfare – Democracy – Environment - Health


e) In Public Administration - Discretion – Power abuse


f) In Justice – Conflict of Interests - Impartiality



28-29 June  2006


Porto, Portugal

Sponsored by ADESG – Europe


Organized by PIEN –L Production of AEI



General Information


The conference will take place at the Porto - Portugal



For detailed information, please contact:


            Artur Victoria

            Avenida Marechal Gomes da Costa 822

            4150 Porto - Portugal

            Tel.: +351 93 3304213

            Fax: +351 22 / 6176178

           E - mail : nx7dvf@vianw.pt


Deadline for registration for the conference is 15th  May  2006.




The participation fee is 120 € (incl. 2 lunches, 1 dinner , 3 coffee breaks and refreshments.)



Travel information:


Abreu - Vila Nova Gaia - Arrábida

Arrábida Shopping, Loja 72 - Afurada 

4400-346 V. N. GAIA

 Tel: (351) 22-3746740 Fax: (351) 22-3746749

e-mail: vngaia@abreu.pt